I chase the quaint, the quiet, sometimes the most desolate places and spaces, capturing beautiful images....bringing home peace, calmness, a sense of freedom, and inspiration to the hearts and souls of my viewers.

Bring some calmness to your space.

Faroe Island Collection

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Bring some peace to your life.

Iceland Collection

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Bring some soothing feelings to your soul.

coastal collection

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Bring some beauty to your every day.

the garden collection

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Bring some freedom to your heart.

Yellowstone Collection

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My sole intention to help you...

I hold tight to my vision of stepping away from the busyness, the materialistic, the cruelty of this world, creating art to not only bring beauty and nature into my own life, but to bring this beauty and calmness into your life as well. There is no denying, this world has gotten to each and every one of us...in some way or another. It is only by your own choices, you can create a path to bring this beauty and calmness into your own life.

I am so deeply passionate about hanging onto what's real, what's true, what brings the mind back to peace and not away from it. I long to share this vision of peace I find, with you, through my art.

Nature is so beautiful, so magnificent, so available, yet so often looked over by things that hurry your mind.

I want to make you stop.

I want to help you slow down.

Why? Because it matters...

Because one day looking back on life, all the busyness won't matter. The phones and fancy cars and likes and number of followers won't matter.

Yet connection will. Real connection always will.

Through my art I want to help make you stop…even if only for a moment…to remind you once again… the beauty of our world…the beauty you once held so close to your heart before the materialistic world stepped in, setting 'unrealistic standards' and false perceptions of how life 'should' be. Revealing once again, the truth held deep within and the truth to what your soul deeply longs for.

The Girl behind this work and all these thoughts and words... Hi! That's me! I'm Kristen, the girl behind the camera.

I created this website with you in mind! I hope you can step inside, slow down and calm your mind for a bit. I am passionate about sharing my art with the pure intention to bring you a sense of peace, calmness, inspiration, and a simple sense of freedom.

What got me here?

✦ KIND WORDS FROM Customers ✦

  • This photo is priceless! It could not be more beautiful. Perfect frame and very well packed. I am overjoyed!
    - Laila
  • Like all of her work, this picture is absolutely gorgeous! She clearly has a passion for shooting calming images in nature. This is very high-quality work. Shipping was quick and easy and communication with the seller was exemplary.
    - Anne
  • Such beautiful work. I highly recommend this seller.
    - Bonnie
  • I bought this bookmark for my sister because dandelions that have gone to seed and pink are her favorites! The bookmark is wonderful quality and it came in the mail just two days after ordering (with bonus goodies). I purchased beautifully framed artwork from Kristen at a regional art fair and I love it as well. I would recommend her art to anyone looking for a new piece for their home!
    - Rita
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