Collection: Beautiful Cards

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Write a beautiful handwritten note...

-Blank Inside


-Heavy Weight Cardstock

-Satin Finish

Why is handwriting important?

With smart phones attached at our sides at all times, reaching our friends and family is quicker then ever. Yet as fancy designed emoji's and generated, easy click on words is such a common thing now, the power behind our words can easilly loose their meaning. The time we actually give to someone can become less and less, even though we are 'connected' more and more.

Yet stopping to take the time to hand-write someone a little note or letter brings your words a deeper meaning. It slows time as it forces the one writing and the one receiving the little note to stop a moment, putting pen to paper, and actually read long, full sentences. It makes someone see the care and thought put into your words and thoughts.

Writing may be a long-lost art one day but why not be one of the few who can keep the beauty of it alive all while making a deeper more lasting impression?