Collection: A Walk Through the Garden


Step outside, onto the green grass, a potted flower or one that has been growing season after season. The song of a bird, the sound of an owl. The breath of fresh air, the smell of the sweet rain. Our soul needs this, our mind craves this.

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Purple Phlox with beaded up rain drops.  Fine Art Photography. Kristen Olivares

After the rain

The garden has a wonderful world of beauty to offer. I love a good warm, sunny, summer day but one of my favorite things is a summer rainstorm, especially at night, listening though open windows. The next morning, every leaf and waxy flower petal is coated in a glorious array of raindrops, only enhancing the beauty of this already beautiful world.

Want more life in your home?

Cut a couple flowers from your garden, or purchase a small bunch. Short on vases? No problem! A mason jar or even a glass makes a wonderful display! Adding just a few flowers to your counter top or bedside can make all the difference in the world, for what we visually feed our mind is just as important as what we listen to.