Collection: Snails

Snail reaching for the light. Black and white.  Fine Art Photography. Kristen Olivares

The snail...

Unique, mysterious, carefree. These creatures are one of my absolute favorite little creatures to photograph. They are simple and slow, quiet and peaceful. I have to say, much easier to photograph then most living creatures, due to their super slow nature. Watching them through my lens is absolutely magical.

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"Nature never hurries...but everything is accomplished".

-Lao Tzu

Yellow snail on top of a purple Iris.  Fine Art Photography. Kristen Olivares

Can the snail teach us a lesson?

Yes. To slow down.

Above, one of my absolute favorite quotes. "Nature never hurries, yet everything is accomplished." by Lao Tzu. I see this as the snail glides peacefully, tracing every petals edge, every curve, every nook, without a care in the world. Taking it all in, ignoring the rest of the world around, for she is all in that moment. Not worried what others think, not worried about screens. Not that she would be, she's a snail. Yet when was the last time you steped outside and stared at a flower, or the sky? When was the last time you stopped and thought about what you think about? Sometimes we do have important things to worry about, yet many times we create our own worries. What would happen if you just let go of those thoughts and just lived in the moment? I will not lie, I struggle with a million thoughs in my mind at times too, yet nature grounds me once again. When I sit in nature or watch a snail though my lens, I could not be more present.

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