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A desolate road in the Faroe Islands.  Fine Art Photography. Kristen Olivares

Wanderlust...a strong desire to travel

Wanderlust, a feeling that burns deep inside my soul. Travel inspires me, excites me, burns within me. I feel it call me, I feel the freedom it gives me...for I create from the inspiration of this beautiful world we live in, and to not create would kill me.

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All I need is a a world that only shouts.

-The Passenger

This is a line pulled from a song that deeply resonates with me. It rings through my mind as I realize all I need is the silence of the world, the peace, it's pure tranquility. I capture this feeling through my lens and share it through my finished work.
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Old, tiny, wooden white and red boat in Maine.  Fine Art Photography. Kristen Olivares

What is it about travel?

I don't know about you, but travel ignites a flame inside me, an excitement like no other. Travel keeps me curious and thirsty to learn. Travel makes me see our world in such a unique way.

A cliff on Mykines Islands.  Fine Art Photography. Kristen Olivares

Why desolate places?

I long for them. The tranquility, the peace. The knowing there are still beautiful, peaceful, barely touched places out there amaze me. I am captivated by this beauty, by our natural world. It is my passion and goal to capture this quaintness and quietness through my lens, and to bring home a little peace of it to share with you.

I love travel, but I sure love home

Heading to new places I've never been is extremely exciting. Camping outside for days, driving on long desolate roads and hiking in the rain, I love it all. Yet nothing beats home, a clean shower, fresh sheets and a soft bed. Returning to my pets and my boys happily returning home again to play with their toys. Travel is not for everyone, and as much as I have a wanderlust burning deep inside me, I hold home just as close to my heart.

The Importance of Home