Collection: Flowers

One of my favorite forms of life.

From bright and bold to subtle and white, flowers have captivated me ever since I was a little girl. The intricate detail in them amaze me, especially as I photograph them through my macro lens. Flowers, just another wonderful work of nature, her beautiful art giving me deep passion and inspiration to create my own.

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Purple Phlox with beaded up rain drops.  Fine Art Photography. Kristen Olivares

I could not imagine the world without flowers...

I can get extremely lost in the moment while taking photos. Like photographing this was shortly after a gentle rain came through and just before the sun's light faded away for the day.  I stooped down in the grass, the damp blades cool against my skin as I got lost into the details of this beautiful purple Phlox flower.

Time ticking by but a stand-still on my clock. This happens a lot when I am behind the camera.

There is something so soothing about shooting...watching the world through a lens.

It slows time, forcing focus on parts of our world or in nature that often seem over looked.

It is these moments I long for again and again.

It is these moments put together that make up part of my story...part of my life's journey.