Collection: Old Barns and Abandoned Homes

Sometimes it gets so dark in here. Oh i see it turn. the emptiness that moves within my soul. we're down in a ghost town.

-The Passenger

Old, stone home on the coast of the Faroe Islands.  Fine Art Photography. Kristen Olivares

I get lost in these stories...

Stories untold. Stories locked away behind four walls. Stories lost upon the distant land. I get lost in it all. I wonder what these walls hold. The families here and gone, the generations past...left behind only old dreams. It is a home like this, where lifetimes of stories were once made.

For it is only the house that knows these stories...For they lie locked within her walls...

She locks these stories away deep upon the ground she stands upon.

Messily, beautifully, intertwined within her roots.

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What I found on a road less traveled.

I purposely took this road. I was curious. The road was put there for a reason...I'd think. Over-grown by tall grasses, rough gravel below, I drove down it, already knowing I would find some treasure, of some kind. I did. I found this. Sitting there all alone, a barn of many stories past. A barn that has seen lifetimes past. A barn that has become one of my best sellers...

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