Create a cool, crisp and calm Bedroom

Blue is cool, blue is crisp yet blue is one of the most calming colors. Blue flowers are not as common, yet these beautiful Siberian Squill flowers definitely make up for it. A couple images like this in your bedroom could be a beautiful sight to wake up to.

Create a cozy feel in any room for Yellow is warm and bright

Maybe you have a darker room that is in need of a bright spot or a bright room that needs some more warmth... yellow might be your color! These beautiful Dill flowers are enough to brighten up any space with a calming green background and their vibrant yellow petals.

Create a beautiful, dreamy space by adding a dash of purple.

Not only is purple kind of dreamy, the petals on this Iris are too. Flowy and soft, as if they are 'dancing' in the light. It feels almost like a breath of fresh air. Purple pairs wonderful with greys, yellows and blues!