Collection: Canada

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I've had this vision of Canada, the blue lakes, the evergreens lining the water, reflecting like a mirror back under rich blue skies. The first spot we actually stopped where I took photographs was just like that. Just like the pictures in my mind.

What I didn't expect were the desolate places dotted with abandoned homes. Homes left behind with stories locked inside. Stories taken with and carried on through generations.  There were barns left alone, only a whisper of hard work once done there. Animals taken, yet their belongings left shoes, saddles, rusty buckets.

I wonder of these places. I wonder of the last foot stepped there. The last moment a hand closes the doors. The last time someone looked back.

Why is it we never know when it is 'the last time' we do something? It is only when we look back...that's when we notice these things.

I feel I've captured some of these places in a way that brings a close connection back again. Back to the deep wonderful stories. Back to the choices, hopes and dreams that once took place. Back to those long lost 'last times'.

Yellow and red boat floating on a lake in Canada.  Fine Art Photography. Kristen Olivares

Floating in silence

White skies reflecting upon white water, this little yellow boat sat all alone in the tranquil silence among a desolate Canadian road.

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