The importance of home

What is it about home?

What our mind takes in visually, many times subconsciously, sets our mood, the thoughts in our mind, and can even determine our stress level for the entire day.

For most of us, our day starts at home.

Home is where we start our day, some of us spend our entire day inside our home, home is where we return to at days end.

Our environment, especially our home enviroment, plays one of the most important roles to how we feel and what we think.

For the most part, you have complete control over your home. A fresh coat of paint, removing excess items, decorating with favorite colors that make you feel good, and of course, adding art that uplifts and inspires you. Art that you connect with, art you are drawn to. A piece that brings you joy and happiness. Perhaps it's a piece that speaks loudly, bringing you hope and energy. Perhaps it will be a piece that softly speaks, bringing you quiet beauty and tranquility.

Either way, it needs to not only suit you, but it needs to make you feel good.

That is where i step in...

I am not only passionate about traveling and nature and capturing my images, but I am also passionate about delivering work that connects.

I want to deliver work that calls to be looked at every time it is passed, simply because it draws you in. Simply because your mind longs for that moment of peace.

I want to bring that feeling to your mind and soul through my art. I want to help set that special, calming feeling in your home.

When someone chooses my work...

The feeling I get when someone chooses one of my pieces for their home is unexplainable. When I sell my work, I feel I am living my dream full circle.

Yet to me it is not just about selling. To me it is about delivering something to you that you will look at day in and day out and feel an overall sense of peace and tranquility and passion for the space you have created.

What you invite into our home, lives in your mind and what lives in your mind becomes part of who you are.

My work goes so much deeper than selling an image. I want to transform homes and spaces, thoughts and ideas. I want to bring on a feeling of inspiration, peace and freedom to you as you hang my work on your precious wall space. I want to bring this feeling to you as my work will greet you at days beginning and at days end.