Collection: My Latest Photos

How do i decide?

I take so many pictures, it can be a challenge for me to decide which ones to release. Usually an image will just hit me a certain way. I will feel more connected to one over the simplicity and beauty will grab my attention just that much more. Here are a few I've carefully selected from the wonderful images I've captured.

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Old, abandoned, concrete home in the Faroe Islands.  Fine Art Photography. Kristen Olivares

Beauty in the Abandoned

Tucked away among the chilly cliffs of the Faroe Islands, this home definitely had a life well lived. Now boarded up, left alone among the steep cliffs, only the walls of the home and the desolate land knows of all the stories locked away inside. New for 2024!

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Cliffs of Sorvagsvatn in the Faroe Islands.  Fine Art Photography. Kristen Olivares

Cliffs Of Sørvágsvatn

The rugged Faroe Island coast, to get to this spot was a chilly challenge. The winds were high, the trail was muddy, and a cool mist hung in the air from time to time. Yet was it worth it? I sure think so. Looking at this image...what do you think?

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