The Faroe Islands...On the Way to Getting There

The Faroe Islands...On the Way to Getting There

A jolly man in a turban picks us up as we cram our bags into his too small, spotless car. I whisper to my boys to not touch anything for it was my goal to keep his car as spotless as it was before we entered. My boys remain silent as my stomach churns in sheer excitement. We are on our way to the airport to fly off to the the far off desolate, quaint, lands of the Faroe Islands.

One of my dream destinations.

We finally made it through the airport, lugging along our luggage, two year old and making sure our 9 year old doesn't get left behind and then before we know it we find we are a few thousand feet in the air. It was lot to get here, but we made it. Lesson not pack ALL of the diapers in the luggage. I wasn't thinking...I should have put a few in the carry on bags. But you know, we always have to forget something.  Like a blessing from above, the only other children on the plane sat directly behind us and they too have a two year old. From a mother to a mother, she gave me two diapers. I don't think I've ever felt so relieved. It will get us though until we can get to our bags. Dakota falls asleep and Dylan finds a movie to watch. My eyes feel heavy yet I feel so grateful for more reasons then one.

The plane in silent. It is in the middle of the night. I reach out to Dylan's hand, so smooth and Dakotas hand, so soft and little. The world is in their entire hands. They can do and be anything their little hearts desire. We all can, yet somehow the world starts to step in, attempting to take away or diminish our opportunities.

I have realized this and I realize it is up to each and every one of us to 'create' the life we desire. That is why I am here. It's not easy, but traveling burns in my heart. The excitement of it all runs through my veins. The truth is, nothing good comes easy.

We land in Copenhagen, Denmark. I would have loved to walk around the city but time would not allow before picking up our connecting flight to the islands. At least we had some the the best pizza we ever had and I was able to buy at least a pack of swim Diapers for Dakota, for that's all I could find. Got the boys ready, we got on our connecting flight. It was only 2 1/2 hours. It will be short and sweet. We finally arrive at 8:30 at night. Why was I unaware swim diapers are not to be used as a diaper by any means? They leak. I only brought a couple outfits for each of us for our entire stay... Dakota is already down one. And his car seat was now wet...

We grab our luggage, pick up our rental car, I change Dakota and we stand in the parking lot, in the misty rain, trying to stuff our four bags into a way too small car. I rented an SUV. I have an SUV. This rental was not an SUV. A little creative arranging, we made it work. It is pitch black by now, not a soul on the road but the views of what I saw...the dense fog...the old barns...what seems to be an eerie, spectacular, desolate land. Old boats along side the bay. I fell in love with how beautiful it was in the darkness, only a light here and there and the lights from the headlights.

We finally found the hostel/campsite we were looking for. There was access to laundry. I brought soap. Everything is all good. Dakota goes to sleep clean and dry and his car seat cover is as new as ever. It is in the middle of the night, it's cool out, we are spent, we sleep in the car.

I dream of all that is to come.

Until Next time...

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White Church in Saksun, Faroe Islands.  Fine Art Photography. Kristen Olivares

I can't explain in words...

The beauty of the Faroe Islands far surpasses anything I could ever write, or any image I could ever capture. For it could never be expressed in words or images but only from the feeling it left within.

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