Collection: Iceland

Talk about unique lands...

Rugged, green, cool, vibrant, vast, colorful, endless waterfalls, mossy land, black sand beaches, vast green fields, sheep my opinion...absolutely breathtaking, land.

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A place like no other...

There I stood before soft rolling hills of rich green, taking in the crisp air, feeling it's pure freshness reach deep into my lungs. I looked out as sheep dotted the cool blades of grass...their skinny little legs holding up bodies heavy...full of ratty wool keeping them warm from the high winds and cool days.

I stood before the relentless ocean, freezing water splashing at my feet as a blanket of black sand lay beneath me. Pebbles so beautiful only further up the beach turning to small stones to yet further up boulders stood strong.

I watched as wild horses ran about, their hooves pounding...rumbling the very ground that will one day rumble back in return. Perhaps on a silent night when a volcano decides it's time to, red lava spewing out against the deep, dark night sky.

I photograph my son along the shore. A glacier just across the way, cool, white and blue ice...years old, water freezing cold, yet the sunlight that that moment, shone warm enough for my son to be barefoot, connecting his very soul to the earth. A moment so beautiful, leaving within me a blissful memory I will take to my grave.

I stood before churches, centuries old, with my camera, hoping to capture the feel of the place, yet not able to fully capture the stories of all  the lives that lived and left. I wonder about them...the ones who walked that land. The very land that was once untouched by tourists, cars, innovative ideas.... I wonder about who they were and the struggles they held in their lives. Only left standing silently before me...abandoned homes and barns, whispering the history of this seemingly still desolate place.

Waterfalls roared as the cool mist covered my camera's lens, falling gently upon my skin as well. The clouds high above almost seemed to melt into the colorless water falling, yet if the sun was just right, a rainbow in every color would appear, a figment of imagination...or so it seems.

We stayed three weeks in this place. Driving around, escaping to the desolate roads that everyone else seemed to turn from. We camped under the stars, camped in the car, camped waking up to once a rooster crowing, woke one day as a glacier stood tall in the distance and a few times to high winds swirling, forcing open car doors against their hinges.

This wonderland, three weeks will never be enough. I see myself going back again and I'm sure again. And maybe even again. I was just mesmerized by Iceland's beauty. Completely fascinated by natures art work. I feel blessed to have been there. Blessed to know I will carry the memory of that place in my soul forever. For Iceland has become part of who I am.

I hope you can take in the beauty of this magical place though my artwork. Maybe you'll find a photo you deeply connect with

Beautiful, desolate, gravel road in Iceland. Fine Art Photography. Kristen Olivares.

The road less traveled...

It is no secret I am drawn to roads like this. Simple, desolate, roads that I have no idea where they lead to. Yet I will say one thing...every time I've taken a road like this, I've found a little piece of magic along the way.

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Powerful, wild, white Icelandic horse in Iceland. Fine Art Photography. Kristen Olivares.

The Icelandic Horse

Did you know there is only one breed of horse that roams the unique land of Iceland? The Icelandic horse...strong, powerful, beautiful, rugged, gentle, proud. A little smaller, stockier, with a mane designed to stand up against the test of the winds.

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