Visiting Mykines Island

Visiting Mykines Island

The ferry ride to Mykines took about 45 minutes but it was a chilly 45 minutes for sure. Yet we were dressed for it and although a bit rough along the way, I was able to grab some beautiful photos of the towering, green cliffs. Upon arriving, I instantly felt as if we were at the end of the world, a place so remote, many people haven't even heard of this island. I know I haven't until I started learning about all about the Faroe Islands. Yet as remote as it was, the cutest little village sat off to the right, as the trail to the top of the world lay before us. We choose to do the inviting trail first.

I have to say my boys have incredible endurance...even my two-year-old. We climbed and climbed up the trail...nothing but green land all around us. Sheep, of course, and a few puffins up above. Mykines Island is nicknamed 'Puffin Island' because of the swarm of puffins that nest during the summer months. Unfortunately, we came a bit later in the summer, about 98% of the Puffins have left. Yet after reaching the top, there were a few of those colorful birds still hanging around, one which I was able to grab a couple of wonderful shots of. From above, the village looked like a little dot at the bottom of the cliffs. It was amazing how far we walked. To the right, I have to say, that was the trail that truly led to the end of the world. It's incredible how these cliffs, towering so high above the ocean, the ocean, so expansive, yet in reality we are just this little pin drop in endless space. Visiting places like this really puts everything into perspective.

After hiking the rest of the trail, passing by sheep and seeing Highland cows in the distance, we made it to the small village where I was able to photograph doors and windows and fresh laundry on the line. Long neck geese a with orange beaks were curious about us and an Aussie peeped around the corner every now and then. As small as a village as it was there was a little cafe where we were able to grab some tea and ice cream.

By now we had to be mindful of our time, for we did not want to miss the one ferry back to the mainland. There are no cars on Mykines Island, so we only had a few things we brought over in our backpack. We walked around a bit longer, making it in time to catch the ferry. I have to say this place really shows how little we need to live a simple, beautiful, peaceful life.

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