Collection: Yellowstone

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A River in Yellowstone.  Fine Art Photography. Kristen Olivares

A river runs through

The water trickles through this land, as it has for thousands of years.

The grass glows in the warm sunlight as the sky, on a sunny day, seems bluer then most blue sky days.

It amazes me how there are little towns, suburbs, entire cities built not that far away, yet here...a few miles past, left behind on the open road, I am surrounded by the sheer bliss of this place.

A gentle silence, natures unmatched beauty, the wind in the tree tops as crisp, fresh, clear  water babbles over ancient stones as the blue tone of the mountains fades gently into the endless white sky.

This is Yellowstone...


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Two wild horses walking side by side in Yellowstone. Fine Art Photography. Kristen Olivares.

I can still hear this sound...

I stood not far from this wild heard of horses. Completely silent land, even the breeze was silent, for I only knew it was there by the gentle bend of the tall, brown grasses and the warm brush of it against my skin. The horses didn't care I was there, they just kept on grazing. And that sound still remains in my head, all this time, years later. The sound of the horses...them ripping the fresh green grass from this barren land. Their wet noses, the sound of them breathing while eating. I will never forget that moment I shared with them, for it, I will be forever grateful.

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