Ferries and Friends

Ferries and Friends

Yesterday we lost some time after missing a ferry by 4 minutes and waiting for the next one to come in, but we finally did make it to the Island of Sandoy. The island itself was beautiful, with more desolate land and foggy skies. In all truth, and if it is not obvious through my art, it was my kind of place.

And After having a different ferry canceled due to inclement weather a couple days back, we finally had the chance to hop on one for the birding and sea cliff tour. It was spectacular to say the least, but sadly we did not see many birds. I think we missed them by about a month. In all truth, the only puffins we saw were on Mykines Island. I've grabbed a couple pictures of them, which you can find in my bird collection here and talk about Mykines Island here...

Another ferry took us to Suduroy Island. A two hour and forty-five-minute ride in which Dylan immediately met two friends. 

2 friends that did not speak a word of English yet flawlessly they played in the most imaginative ways. It's beautiful...the mind of a child. They are born for connection until the world teaches them divide. The world teaches to be apart instead of a world of being together. The parents of these children were wonderful with a sweet nature and spoke good English.Together we agreed how happy children are when there is no pressure from the outside world upon them.  

I just love travel. I love meeting people from all over the world. It's enriching. It makes me feel a deeper connection to life. It's amazing how we all live our lives day to day, yet we can meet someone from way across the world, way on the other side, way out in the middle of no where and we find so many values are shared and can laugh about the same things. It gives me a different sense of belonging. A deeper sense of meaning. 

At this point we have visited the island and I have taken over...no, I won't even say how many pictures.... I did snatch up a beautiful 100% Merino Wool natural cream colored blanket that I am sure I payed way too much for but it holds a special meaning to me. Something that I will have and touch for years and years to come. My choice from the gift money my mom gave us to treat our self. 

Back at the mainland, we are now headed north to explore more of these mystical, magical lands. A week left. I'm already dreading the day we have to leave. I need to stay here.

Until next time... 


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Rusty Roof Shack...Tucked Away

The world rushes around, yet this shack remains...sitting in silence...the weather and time taking it's toll. Still, her beauty remains.

Of all the places in the word and all it holds, I found myself in this desolate, silent spot that not a soul was found for miles.

How do places like this still exist? I always wonder...and I am forever grateful when I find them.

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