Collection: The Costal Collection

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Little shack in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Fine Art Photography. Kristen Olivares

The days spent on Cape Cod.

Warm winds, quaint, quiet, sandy land. We collected rocks and shells, ate some snacks on the beach and drove some roads that had more drifting sand upon them then pavement. This little shack sat all alone, nestled among the tall reeds. I feel most at home in places like this. Places I can hear the calls of the seagulls, the dried reeds blowing and the waves crashing upon the shore in the distance. It's amazing what peace we can bring ourself to when we bring ourself to the right place.

Little colorful row boats in Maine.  Fine Art Photography. Kristen Olivares

Nothing says the coast more then a bunch of tiny old boats...

You can give me a yahat, or take me on a fancy cruise, yet honestly...? I'd rather take one of these little row boats around the lake, or on the quaint and quiet coast of an inlet. These little boats have a story to tell. They have bumps and bruises...some scars to share. These are the kind of boats that will stay in your mind for a lifetime.

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