A lone tree on the coast of Maine. Fine Art Photography. Kristen Olivares.

upcoming 2024 show dates

May 4th and 5th Art in Wilder Park- Elmhurst

May 25th and 26th Barrington Art Festival-Barrington

June 29th and 30th Fine Art and Artisan Fair-Naperville

September 28th and 29th Art in the Barn-Barrington

This Image...new at my upcoming shows this year!

This fascinating rock stack is just one of the images from the series of new releases I will have at my upcoming shows this year. I took this picture high up on a chilly cliff in the Faroe Islands, on a very, very windy, foggy day. A moment I will never forget. I am constantly being reminded of what a beautiful world we live in.

Latest Releases!

A peek at a couple more images that will also be available at my shows this year! Taken from the far-off foggy, desolate, beautiful lands of the Faroe Islands.