When the Sun Only Rises Once

When the Sun Only Rises Once

Once a day that is...

When the sun only rises once a day and sets only once a day and you're driving through places you may never return to or at least not return to for years to come. How to know where to stop, where to take that perfect morning light shot or that evening shot with that golden glow of the setting sun?

Before you read on, I will just tell you ahead of time... I do not have the magical answer because I still struggle with this too.

In my opinion, there are too many phenomenal places to stop to catch the suns rays of light. Like the morning light coming up over the rolling hills, the soft light upon the flowers in the open field. Soft light first thing in the morning as sheep graze in the distance. Or that evening sun, that glow that most photographers chase, that (seemingly only 2 minute) window before the sun tucks away. Perhaps upon a sandy shore, or upon the faces of wild horses or bathing a lighthouse in light once more before it stands courageously guiding sailors home all night.

It's hard to choose. I get it.

Personally, I go for the old barns and houses. They carry a story all of their own, the light just a mere reflection of years past, a history only brought back to life though art and imagination. I have photographed my fair share of the setting sun, tucking beneath the distant horizon as well. Which is always beautiful.

Yet through it all, I have realized, I have to be careful not to miss it...with my own eyes that is.

I remember photographing a lighthouse once, out on the east coast. We were there earlier in the day as I photographed the lighthouse in the days strong light, my son happily playing upon the big rocks that lined the ground beneath our feet. I thought...'this spot would be beautiful at sunset'.  So we left and returned some five hours later. Assuming we'd be the only ones there like earlier that day, I was shocked to see not only a few people but about 20 other people...all photographers with their big cameras...ducking behind their lenses, positioning their camera for that 'perfect' shot.

I watched as everyone seemed more concerned about their camera settings over the phenomenal light-show nature was displaying with her magical golden glow and colorful painted skies she left behind. I stepped back as looked at the big picture. I took a few shots here and there but vowed in that moment never to let a beautiful moment only slip by through a lens. There are a million people all over the world trying to get that same shot. The photos will all very in some way, but the majority will be similar in many ways. Yet memories...those are our own. Unique, unlike anyone else's who walks this earth. It's up to each of us how we want to make them.

I have also realized, no matter how good the photographer, sometimes a picture just can't do it justice. Yet I have painted memories I saw with my eyes and not through a lens that I hold in my mind, in my soul, that will last a life time.

Until next time...


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