My Time in Iceland

My Time in Iceland

I was hoping to write everyday, yet driving around Iceland I found that nearly impossible. This place is, by far,one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. Yesterday we woke up on top of a cliff, and today beside a glacier. This place brings tears to my eyes...I found that more then once. To think all this was naturally created. The green cliffs against the blue's incredible. Yet when the rain comes around and the fog rolls's magical. Sheep dot the green rolling cliffs as Icelandic Horse's manes blow wild in the gusty wind.

The main roads here are flawless, yet I find myself mostly upon the gravel roads...the roads less traveled, aside from the curious, the adventurers, the ones who seek something deeper then what the eye can see at first glance. Last night we drove through miles of old glowing lava fields to just leaving a glacier moments before. The rental car smells of peanut butter and jelly, for it's basically what we will live on for the next three weeks. It's quick, easy, and compared to the extremely expensive food, a good choice to get us though for the adventurous days to come.

The Atlantic Ocean sparkles to my left as blue skies stretch above with groups of white and grey clouds, the sunlight dancing in and out of the maze. This place is barren and raw at times to warm and inviting at others. Yet no matter the conditions...rain, sun, wind, light or dark...there is more beauty contained on this island then any words or photos could ever express.

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