Visit These Islands but not the Concerts.

Visit These Islands but not the Concerts.

Yes, seriously. The Farose Islands, visit them if you can. Magical, green, clean, misty, cool, fairy-tale-like in almost every way. I am amazed Earth can even exist like this. Nature, once again, the greatest artist of all.

After spending almost two weeks driving through these pristine Islands, we came into a little town among the high green cliffs and curvy smooth road. It was the most crowed I saw the islands, first time I actually saw a crowd. We come to find  there was a late night concert going on that evening, and I love, love, love music, so of course I waned to go. It was free and seemed like a great thing to do after a long day of driving and exploring around. As we approached with a pizza in one hand and my boys in the other, the band singing a cover of Back in Black as people of all ages...all ages...gathered around. Food was being sold and eaten and drinks were flying off the little food vendor's carts like crazy. We found a place on the curb of the closed off street as the band sang, in English, an old song I just love. The stage? A giant ship... once light blue, now only left chipped, worn-out boards,beached and abandoned. Yes, that was their stage. Coolest stage I've ever seen. The music changed as only those who spoke Farose would understand, but I still loved it. The sound, the melody, the atmosphere, the beach in sight with little strung up lights hanging throughout the harbor, giving off a very warm and cozy feel.  A night I will never forget. 

That is, for more reasons then one... 

We were starved and walked over to get another pizza and on our way back an older man saw our two boys and motioned for us to turn around as he quickly walked past us, away from the band. We had no idea what he was saying, especially over the loud music. As we approached, the music only grew louder as the streets became lined with empty beer bottles, cigarettes and broken glass. We were only gone from our spot for about 20 minutes, but all the tiny little children were gone as were the older people, leaving mostly young teenagers to middle aged people crowding in, throwing their trash all over the ground. I was shocked to see that. Especially on Islands as pristine as that. I've been to may concerts in my life, but not many where people were purposely, constantly smashing glass bottles and intentionally leaving wrappers all over on the ground. 

But it wasn't that. It wasn't the bottles and empty pizza boxes and cigarettes being carelessly left behind. It was the music. It changed from an old AC/DC cover song, to some cheery songs in Farose to the most offensive, horrible music I have ever herd. I am not lying when I say ever single other word was the F word. Over and over and over and over again, repeating the same thing. What shocked me was how many very, young teenagers were there. Maybe I'm wrong but I would not allow my boys to be there when they turn twelve or thirteen. Even 15 or 16 for that matter. What a different world.

I think what shocked me the most about the whole thing was we went from days and days of driving the most pristine, beautiful, clean lands I've ever seen, to suddenly people throwing trash all over the streets without a care in the world as the absolute most offensive music played in the background. Like two extreams. Like I said, I love music and an F word here or there in a song can be wonderfully powerful at times. But these songs were nothing other then the F word. It's like a lifetime of anger all exploding from not only the band but from everyone on the streets that night as well. it was clearly understood why that older gentleman motioned for us to turn around. Guess if we did, I would not be sharing this story... 

So we left, as quickly as possible of course, for I did not want my two boys hearing a word of that...which of course they did, but it was not mentioned again. We parked way on the other end, behind some random building, where a couple camper trailers were parked and also where we were staying for the night. Warm pizza in hand and car doors closed, the music faded quietly from the distance,until very well into he night. 3 am I believe? 

In the morning while my husband and boys slept, I walked the streets alone. Not a soul lined those gently morning-sun lit streets, for it was only about 5:30 am. Yet as I approached the old beached boat, sadly there was an older gentleman, I'd say in his 70's or so, who was out there picking up, piece by piece, with a little grabber, all the trash left behind. Goes to show what is a party for some is definitely not a party  for others. 

I photographed some old wooden boats, and walked the beach with some chickens. Yes, not many seagulls that day but about 6 chickens gladly ran through the sand along side me. I loved every minute of it. 

It is things like this and moments like this I will always remember. Sometimes things happen where I remember the quiet in the storm, yet in this case, I will always remember the storm in the quiet.

Until next time...

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