Upon This Land

Upon This Land

What's that saying...'Time flies when you're having fun'? Well that's for sure. Why is there never enough time? It's the one thing we seem to run out of the most and sadly it's the one thing we can never get back either.

My husband and son walk around some rock stacks and skip stones in the ocean, standing upon the waters edge, an unlimited amount of beautiful rock shapes and sizes beneath their feet. I find a place upon the warm ground and set down my backpack, camera still in hand as I see some seals sunbathing on some rocks far below.

Iceland...I am in love with this place...like a deep intimate love. I feel a deep bond to this place now that I've roamed her land. Trekking the east and west coast...taking in the fresh air and drinking pure Icelandic water, so crisp and cold. This place was a dream for me to photograph. There was beauty dancing before my eyes at every angle. A magical, mystical beauty that I have not been able to find anywhere else. It's raw here, beauty stripped down to it's pure essence. Silent in most places. It's mind clearing and pure. It's real and beautiful. I feel beautiful here.

The wild coast and quaint inland places hold abandoned homes and stories so old that only writers, artist or ones with an imaginative mind can bring back to life.  I wonder how long some of these places have sat. 20 years...50 years...100...maybe? One day we even hiked to this old abandon ship which was washed up upon the shore across the bay. It's amazing what the power of the ocean can do to a two ton ship. I wonder her story... I can imagine it. Feel it.

My mind races to everything I still want to pack in before our flight home in a few hours. Home? I haven't even thought of home...the place I spend so much of my time in aside from travel. I force tears away. This is really hard for me...to go. There is still so much to see and do and explore. I'm not ready. Yet then again, looking back to any where I've traveled that has taken my heart, I was never ready to go. I have a deep, deep wanderlust in me and it runs though my veins like hot lava...like a fire within me burning with every beat of my heart.

Until next time...

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