The Faroe Islands...Is the Magic Real?

The Faroe Islands...Is the Magic Real?

For someone like me, who holds a deep sense of wanderlust in my soul, it's been hard the last couple years as Coronia set in. Yet things have lightened up quite a bit and I've decided to grab the chance to chase my dreams of travel once again. So our bags are packed and my cameras are ready to photograph a land that I've only dreamed about getting to. We're heading to the Faroe Islands...a magical, almost mystical place full of acres of lush green land dotted with more sheep then residents. The moment I've discovered these little remote islands...18 to be exact...I've dreamed of taking my camera and photographing the most off the beaten paths I can find. Those tiny remote little roads that seem to lead to nowhere...yet a tiny house stands tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the world. That's what I imagine there. I sure hope I'm right.

So, I packed as light as possible, yet I've got two little boys who are ready to explore these lands as well. So into my backpack is my camera gear and into one suitcase is all our clothes, diapers for the little guy and a good amount of rain gear. Yea, I think it will rain quite often there. Yet that's not going to stop us. There is no bad weather, right? Only bad clothes? The other suit case holds all of our camping gear. Amazing how we can fit it into a single suitcase but you know, if there is a will, there is a way.

So bear with me here while I step out to grab some new shots. Beautiful images of our natural world, a whisper of history from the past and of course, lots and lots of sheep and Puffins. I mean how can I not photograph the sheep? They have become one of my favorites since our trip to Iceland where they stood blocking the road without a care in the world. It is their land, they have every right to roam where they please.

I am sure by the time we return, my camera will be full and my journal will be bursting with memories from the days spent exploring and trekking through these secret lands. I can't wait to see what images I will pull out of these lands but I will be sure to share them here with you, to bring to you once again the beauty of our world.

Until next time...

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Yes, the magic was real, and it was phenomenal. If unicorns existed...these are the lands they would roam.

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