A Trip to Cape Cod

A Trip to Cape Cod

A few years back we took a trip out east to Cape Cod and the surrounding area. The drive was a glorious drive of long open roads and the approaching salty sea. My Jeep ran without issues, if I remember correctly, at least until the end when a hose broke. We were lucky enough to literally pull into an unmarked car shop to ask the locals if they knew of any car shops around. Like a little gift from heaven, my Jeep was fixed within minutes and ran without issues the remaining time. I mention this because it seems to be a thing with my Jeep lately... 

Through our time on the coast, we reluctantly fought sand flies and the smell of stinky shells my son and I saved as precious treasures in crevices in my Jeep,in buckets in the back and in empty plastic containers from plump green grapes that claimed them only hours before. We camped not far from the ocean, listening to waves crashing upon the shore late into the night.

I remember one day... a warm late summer day, as the sun held high and the sand remained warm from her gentle rays. I remember his little feet dancing upon the shore, right where the salty sea meets the sand. My little boy, he was only 3 years old at the time, and I often wonder did that time, those memories, the salty smell and feeling of the cool ocean waves crashing upon his little legs leave that deep of an imprint? He's 7 now, almost 8 and still dreams of the sea. He lives and breaths it, reminding me from time to time how he is going to be an ocean explorer, an octopus explorer.

There is a definite calling deep inside each and every one of us. It belongs to no one other then us...it is no one's but our own. Those callings, the roots that build us can not be broken. They can definitely be lost over the years, sometimes even wind up in a complete tangled mess, as life attempts to step in, yet still through it all, they run deep. Deep within our veins, traveling throughout our blood, circulating with every heart beat. They can be lost but they can never be broken.

Think back to your childhood. Think back to your dreams and the earliest time you knew what you wanted to 'do' in your life. I bet you still have it in you, in some way or another. Maybe it's time to explore that once again.

I watched my son that day dance freely upon the beach, not a care in the world. The wind in his hair. He picked up the remains of horseshoe crabs and beautiful stones, things that still decorate his room to this day. These are the things that we take with us in life. Memories, treasures not man made but from nature. These are the things that we not only take with us but that continue to call us back.

Until next time...

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