A Lasting Impression

A Lasting Impression

It's 6 am and my husband and my little boy are still bundled in their sleeping bags, warm, fast asleep in the car, where we have been sleeping for the last few days. This time, we are parked not far from Godafoss, a powerful waterfall upon Iceland's land. I can see the mist and the steam rise in the air, against the rising, yellow sun.

My hair is a tangled mess yet nothing my little, cute, black knit hat won't cover. I slip it on before I step out into the cool morning air. Sheep graze in the open field off to my right as the sound of the waterfall grows louder with every step I take toward it. I stand, amazed at the beauty and power of earth. How amazing, this all created, just here doing it's thing whether we're there or not, day in and day out. The ones in the world, going about their business, people in traffic, countries fighting, families fighting, people stealing, lying, or sadly zoomed into a small boxed screen two feet from faces. Faces once so bright and full of life to long and drawn and squinting at images...images 'portrayed' as a perfect life, words exchanged, comments made. What is true, what is not?  Sadly much of it is not real...

Yet this is...the here and now. Nature. The sun's light, battling thick clouds, giving off an energy only she can. The power behind water, especially water falling from such a distance, at such force. It doesn't matter rich or poor, how good of a person you may be.  Nature is here and powerful and a waterfall like this is ready to conquer any of us, with no question who would win.

I love earths power. Witnessing this will put things in life back in perspective. Who needs much when there is this...earth at her best, putting on a beautiful show of her own. A nature show. The very place we came from in the first place and will belong to until the end. I can feel it too. My soul connecting to so much more then I alone will ever be.

My husband and son wake up and join me. My son likes the waterfall but is more intrigued by the rocks beneath our feet and the possible creatures and life forms that are possibly burred...maybe buried deep there. I take his hand and we walk closer, taking in the misty air into our lungs. We just stand there for a bit. My son might not remember this moment, but I know for a fact the greatness of earth will make an impression in his mind and on his heart forever.


Until next time...

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